Who We Are

HCC is a non-stock, non-profit corporation owned and managed by the Palo Archdiocese with the Archbishop as a corporation sole.

For over 3 decades, the Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration (OSF) – Baybay, Leyte, have continuously served and administered the HCC’s operational and logistical resources to surmount the yearly challenges faced by the school as well as celebrate the achievements of their unnamed milestones.

The OSF sisters have faithfully expanded the infrastructure, the number of the school population and acquired technological assets for research and education. The OSF Congregation has played a major role in producing productive and successful professionals not only in Carigara but in its adjoining towns and villages.

The institution has catered on a larger scale to the needs of the less fortunate to have access for HCC studies and grants.

Patron and HCCC Seal

The seal denotes the emblem inscribed in the banner of then Emperor Constantine the Great who believed that the letter “P” sign representing “Christ” was seen in the sky before he fought and conquered his battles.

Above the “P” letter are the words: IN HOC SIGNO VINCES or “By this sign you shall conquer.” The lower part contains the cross radiating its rays symbolizing the graces shared by Jesus, the divine and loving teacher of mankind.

The 4 rays of the cross expand, as students and stewards apply the 4 core-values for success: Integrity, Passion, Persistence and Right Action.

HCC believes that by attaining knowledge, students shall triumph over life’s vicissitudes and be able to achieve one’s dream and aspirations beyond talents with the right attitude, correct action and principle-based decisions.

“We exemplify a learning community rooted in a strong Catholic Christian ethics and tradition that shape the life of a world class knowledge-based citizen, capacitated in a multi-disciplinary education system continuously evolving ourselves to be responsive and relevant to the needs of time in a domestic and international work setting.”

“We model superior academic performance recognized for its professional integrity established in a Catholic Christian environment as we aspire to produce the next generation leaders and entrepreneurs confidently and competitively prepared through research, training and education to deliver the required global competencies in the labour market.”

  • Recruit and retain competent faculty, academic and service-oriented
    staff and student population.
  • Provide scholarship opportunities and research and development productivity.
  • Expand infrastructure and support system including technological innovation for research, teaching, service and community partnership.
  • Preserve a climate of harmony and human dignity.
  • Model quality instruction and student mentoring.

Our History

HCC is a non-stock, non-profit corporation owned and managed by the Palo Archdiocese with the Archbishop as a corporation sole.


My Story

On October 20, 1944, the Allied Forces landed in Leyte. When peace was restored, the clamor for the continuance of formal schooling was felt by the liberating forces. A decision to put up a high school was conceived. Protestants chaplains met and agreed to set up a school in the old Bough Building. The school was called the Liberation Memorial School, a Protestant high school.


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